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For Hospices and Music in Hospices

Advocacy: Welcome

Advocating For Music and Music in Hospices

Because music for patients at the end of their lives is vital. 

Here at Music In Hospices, we have experienced firsthand the inspirational work Hospice staff carry out on a daily basis.

We also know the profound benefit Music can bring to Hospice and Palliative care patients. In fact, Music and music therapy in Hospices has been the subject of many studies.

In one case, commissioned by the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine researchers found that people who listened to music reported less pain, anxiety, nausea, shortness of breath, and feelings of depression, as well as an increase in feelings of well-being after listening to the music. All these differences were statistically significant, which means they were likely due to the music and not just because of chance. There is clear evidence that Music in Hospices isn’t simply a token gesture but one that can have a profound affect on patients mental and physical wellbeing.

We want to be advocates of both Hospice Care and Music In Hospices: demystifying both through our work.    ​

Advocacy: What We Do

"Our mission is to transform the way society cares for the dying and those around them. To empower individuals, communities and populations to embrace the ethos of hospice care and extend its breadth and reach to improve everyone’s experience of death, dying and bereavement."

Hospice Care UK

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