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Our Hospices and Our Musicians

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Supporting Our Hospices and Our Musicians

Coronavirus has hit both Hospices and Freelance Musicians incredibly hard - Music In Hospices aim to support both through our work. 

Through live Music performances, Music In Hospices aims to weave beauty through music into as many aspects of the care Hospice's provide for their patients and their families at the most important time creating an evironemnt which is supportive for not only the patients and their families but the staff who work tirelessly every day. Through our work we hope to encourage Music Making through our performances but also supporting and training Hospice staff to be able to facilitate music on a more regular basis. 

In order to support our Hospices it is paramount to support our Freelance Musicians who perform in these settings every day. Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on the Arts sector and the musicians that work in it. We aim to not only provide training for our Musicians to ensure they feel comfortable and at ease with facilitating concerts in Hospice settings but regular, paid and guaranteed work at a time when so many people find themselves in limbo, 

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"We hope to weave beauty through Music into as many aspects of the care Hospice's provide for their patients and families at this most important time."

Music In Hospices

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