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Donations are the simplest way to help us bring the gift of live music to those whose circumstances would otherwise deny them the benefit.

Why Help Music In Hospices? 

With the Coronavirus pandemic accelerating the need for Hospice care provision by 10 years and decimating the performing arts industries there has never been a better time to support Music In Hospices.

Emerging professional musicians are facing the most challenging employment situation for a generation and many exceptionally talented musicians may leave the profession due to economic challenges.

Music in Hospices can help to prevent this by providing musicians with the training, support and paid performance opportunities they need to establish themselves, and continue to contribute to the vibrant cultural life of the UK.

By making a donation to Music in Hospices you can help address all these challenges, and help us to continue inspiring musicians and transforming lives. 

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What your donation supports

Making Memories through Music



 Could pay for a musician to attend a training event on working in Hospice and Palliative Cares settings.



Could pay for someone living with a terminal illness to experience a live music session. Live music helps to improve communication, relieve frustration, reduce stress and feelings of isolation.



Could pay for two performance by a Music in Hospice ensemble in a Hospice.

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