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Music In Hospice Volunteer

Volunteer With Us

Help Our Organisation Grow

Volunteer With Us: Welcome

Volunteer With Us

Our Volunteers are important and integral friends of our Organisation. 

From helping out at fundraising events, to being on our local committees, collecting concert feedback and reaching out to new audiences, we want to thank all of the people who donate their time and skills to help us bring joy through live music to people in Hospices across the UK.

Volunteer With Us: What We Do

How You Can Help

Local ambassadors

Local ambassadors help Music In Hospices raise awareness about the charity and help fund live performances in Palliative care settings, within their local communities.

Local ambassadors are invaluable. They are our eyes and ears ‘on the ground’ in their local communities and can promote the work Music In Hospices undertake to a huge number of people. Through our local ambassadors we aim to increase the number of people who learn about the organisation and our work, whilst helping us raise money to ensure Music In Hospices can flourish and continue, 


Local fundraising events are a great way to get involved with the organisation.

Whether it’s helping out at Music In Hospice events, putting on your own fundraiser or choosing us as the recipient of funds from a local concert or event - we always welcome support from volunteers to raise important funds and spread the word to provide live music in Hospices.

Become A Trustee

Music In Hospices are on the look out for Trustees to help further the work of our organisation, shaping our future whilst ensuring we continue to deliver engaging performances in Hospices across the country. 

The Board of Directors or Trustees will have overall responsibility for the organisation and we hope will bring a diverse range of professional backgrounds and experience to the organisation. 


This is a unique role within the organisation, assisting the Music In Hospice team in day-to-day administrative tasks. Whether it's contacting Hospices, booking our musicians or simply gathering feedback from Hospices - this work is essential to ensure we continue to grow and deliver high-quality music performances to Hospices across the country.

Volunteer With Us: List

"Our Volunteers are invaluable members of the Music In Hospices family. They raise awareness and promote the work Music In Hospices undertake and help us raise money to ensure Music In Hospices can flourish and continue.

Volunteer With Us: Quote
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